About Us

Welcome to The Ashinas!

We are a simple family who lives in Ishikawa, Japan.

My husband’s name is Susumu, and he is very shy. That is the reason why he doesn’t have any social media account, but because of his great love for me, he allowed me to blog about us. Yay!

So who’s managing this site? It’s me, Heidi. I’m from Manila, Philippines.
I used to teach English at a college in my home country, but my itchy foot brought me to Bali, Indonesia where I worked as a primary school teacher at an international school for four years. After this stint, I was sent by the Japan Embassy in Manila (JET Programme) to where I live now, Ishikawa, to serve as an ALT (Assistant Language Teacher) to two public high schools located at the Noto Peninsula.

Hope this blog helps you in any way, and please do feel free to contact us via facebook or e-mail: contact@theashinas.com

Thanks a lot for dropping by!