Heidi’s Bee Themed Baby Shower

Baby shower is not a practice here in Japan, but my foreign and local friends who are cool and open to experiencing new things and other cultures made this event possible.

They organized a Bee themed baby shower for me last September 08, and it was a whole lot of fun.  The party was from 2:30 to 6:00 pm at a karaoke bar in Hakui City.

Anyway, it was a potluck party, so we all brought food and drinks to share with everyone. Most of us arrived at 1:30 pm to decorate the room and set up the food station! 

Then, we started playing interesting games.

Make a baby bump

First, the boys were given 3 minutes to blow balloons and put them inside their shirt.   The one with the biggest baby bump won the game.

Belly measurement game

Second, each person was given a string to guess the size of my bump.  Afterwards, when they’re done figuring out how big my belly is, they all went to me with their string and we cut the difference.  So the person with the shortest string won!

Old Wives Tales

Third, we answered the Old Wives Tales questionnaire together, and I asked them to guess if my baby’s a boy or a girl. Of course, we didn’t reveal the gender just yet.

Name that poop

Fourth, we asked the guests to identify the chocolate in each diaper! Gross, right? Hahaha.

The price is right

Fifth, we put baby items on the table and made our attendees guess their price! The winner was the one closest to the total price of all the items.

Also, in between games, we requested our guests to sign our guest book, write their advice for us and their wishes for the baby.

Then, we popped a huge black balloon to reveal our baby’s gender!  Yay!

Shortly after, we gave everyone bee cupcakes that also revealed the gender of our baby.

And we opened the gifts that we received from everyone!

Lastly, we did karaoke from 4:30 to 5:30, and everyone helped cleaning up the place (It’s Japanese culture!) before we left the venue.

Susumu and I are truly grateful to our family and friends here who make our married life colorful! And we are happy to have A VILLAGE, a very loving and safe community, to raise our child with.