Sponsoring your Relatives to Visit Japan

Good news!

My aunt and my sister’s visas have been approved, and I’d like to give you some tips on how to be a sponsor and guarantor of your relatives who would like to travel to Japan.

A lot of articles online say that it is now quite easy for Filipinos to get a visa to Japan.  They claim that a Philippine passport holder can secure a temporary visit visa by just submitting the necessary documents and by showing a bank certificate that has at least 60,000 PHP, which I guess is lower than before.

However, I did not want my family to risk it by applying as a tourist. I wanted to make sure that they would be able to attend my wedding; it’s my big day anyway, and I really need their presence on that once-in-a-lifetime event. Hence, I decided to sponsor and guarantee their stay in Japan.

What are the requirements?

Based on the Embassy of Japan’s website, the visitor should provide the following:

(1) Visa application form

(2) Pictures

(3) Passport

(4) Documents to prove kinship (for visit to relatives)

・Birth certificate

・Marriage certificate

(5) Bank certificate (optional)

On the other hand, the guarantor in Japan should provide the following:

(1) Letter of reason for invitation

(2) Schedule of stay

(3) Letter of guarantee

(4) Documents on the guarantor B

(a) copy of residence card

(b) residence certificate. There is a specific format for this, and it was not clear to me even after reading the list given by the embassy. Just show this note to the city hall or your town hall staff officer when you request one, so you won’t have to come back and forth.

(c) certificate of income/taxation,

(d) certificate of tax payment, or copy of the final tax return with the seal or PROOF OF TAX EXEMPTION

(e) bank certificate

(6) documents to prove kinship (for visit to relatives)

Note that even if you have the same last name, such as the case with me and my sister, I still needed to submit a birth certificate. Likewise, my aunt had to include my father’s birth certificate to prove that we are really related by blood.

Now, you might wanna ask how much money should a sponsor have in her bank account. Well, based on my friends and my own experience, you should have at least 1,000,000¥ in your bank account for the guest to be approved. Also, I asked my aunt and my sister to submit a bank statement although it was optional. We kinda over killed it because I badly want their company on my wedding day.

Actually, I really wish that I included my birth certificate and knew the right format of the residence certificate early on. Had I known that my birth certificate was necessary despite that our family names were the same, and that there is a very specific format of residence certificate for sponsoring a relative, we would have gotten their visa approved earlier and booked plane tickets way cheaper that what they had paid for.

Lesson learned, (1) submit your birth certificate and (2) show the note on the picture above, so you’d get the correct format of the residence certificate.

For complete details on the requirements, please visit this link:

To download the forms necessary, kindly go to this page: